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5 Rotary Thread Applications that Surprised us

5 Rotary Thread Applications that Surprised us

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We weren’t kidding when we told you that Rotary Thread can fix damaged thread of any kind. This tool can be used in fixing threads for every aspect of work whether for DIY projects, automotive restoration, home improvement, technical projects, farm and ranch projects, and even industrial projects too! So we’d like to share with you some unique experiences and testimonies of our customers who used our tool in repairing threads for different applications.

Here are 5 Rotary Thread Applications that surprised us

  • Go Karts. The fun ain’t stopping just because of a damaged bolt on a go kart. We had one customer who had a problem fixing threads while mounting the engine onto the plate of his go kart.

“I had some trouble with a broken bolt while I was trying to reinstall/mount the engine of my go kart onto the plate. I was literally hopeless to get this repaired and just thought of replacing it instead, but this tool worked amazingly well on saving the bolt. Truly a money saver tool!!” -George B. (Go Kart Rider)

  • Paraglider. When flying in a paraglider, the last thing you would want is to have loose bolts, right? Our customer thinks the same way too while repairing threads that are loose and stripped on his paraglider.

I work in a paragliding service repair center, I’m glad to have come across this tool because it makes my job easier. There are bolts in a paraglide that’s hard to reach, this tool comes really handy in repairing those parts. ” -Wesley A. (Paraglide Technician)

  • RV Water Heater. When being on the road is your home, you can’t let damaged equipment spoil the ride. Our customer was able to get out of a jam on a cross threaded bolt in the water heater of her RV.

“This little tool is the bomb. Used it to fix a female thread that was crossed threaded in my RV’s water heater drain plug. Now it’s back to normal thanks to this kit. Highly recommend this to get yourself out of this kind of jam.” Joy K. (RV Owner)

  • Fire Hydrant. When a part of your job is to fix fire hydrants, you must have the! Some fire hydrants were old and rusty so they needed to be fixed.

“This is a great repair tool! Some old fire hydrants went bad because of rusty nuts and bolts but this tool worked well on fixing them. Makes my job easier! “ -George L. (Water Company Technician)

  • Boat grab rails. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a boat. For boat enthusiasts, maintenance is important for their boats and they need tools that will quickly repair damaged thread in seconds.

“I removed the grab rails off my sailboat in order to remove layers of old varnish. Initially, when I removed the nuts from the studs inside the cabin, one of the nuts had to be detached from the stud so the stud could start to rotate within the rail. So, I had to use pliers to hold the stud tight and another set of pliers to unfasten the nut. When it was time to re-install the nut, I could not put it back onto the stud. My pliers had ruined the lower part. So, this tool not only repaired the initial threads to get the nut on but tweaking the rest of the threads enabled me to utilize the stud, get a tight fit, without having to replace the stud which would have been a much longer repair and would have required labor to replace and contour a new plug on the outside of the rail.” -William P. (Boat Owner)

The Rotary Thread family is a wide array of different people from many different industries. We’re happy to share with you the types of applications that this tool has. You’ll be surprised what type of applications you can use our thread repair kit on your projects. What thread repair project are you working on? Rotary Thread got you covered.

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