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How one equipment rental company saved $5,600 with Rotary Thread

How one equipment rental company saved $5,600 with our thread repair tool

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How much time do you spend on a thread repair project?  Understanding thread repair tool without taking too much of your time and money is essential if you’re a mechanic or tradesman working on multiple projects at a time.. With the right tool, you don’t need to measure thread pitch and laboriously file the threads back into shape for hours. Check out how Rotary Thread was used to repair a damaged hydraulic cylinder on a crane.

We visited an equipment rental company and talked to them about a problem they were stuck on, and helped them fix the problem using Rotary Thread. 

The hydraulic cylinder of their 50 ton Telescopic Crane was leaking, needed seal replacement, and repacking. When their machine technician was reinstalling the cylinder, damaged grooves to the crane’s telescopic boom hydraulic cylinder rod were found and prevented reassembly of the crane which meant that it couldn’t be placed back in the field for operation. The company was in a bind because they couldn’t afford to have a high down time on their equipment services. After attempting to resolve the situation on their own to avoid longer repair time, there was no tool that could fit inside that could work in repairing threads of the cylinder.  The space was very limited in the cavity so the part that had to be fixed was hard to reach, plus the pitch size was unknown to their technicians so this added more difficulty to the problem that they had. This company couldn’t afford to have this equipment to have a long down time, because it meant that they would lose revenue.

So how were they planning to fix it?

We talked to their machine technician and here’s what he said:

“First, we have to pull the pins to uninstall the cylinder to have access to the broken thread in order to evaluate the situation. This part of the process is just focused on assessing the main root of the problem but it would take us about 5 hours already. The cylinder would be broken down to access the piston and head glands and a new seal kit will be installed on the piston and glands. After that, we have to visit some local shops to check the availability of the large replacement nut, so we can order one for next-day air shipment. A 3rd party shop unloads, and breaks down the cylinder. This part is done by a 3rd party shop because we do not really have the right tool or repairing equipment for the operations due to the size of the cylinder and the location of the grooves so the repair will be done at their shop. After that, once the shop is done, we will go pick up the finished cylinder the next day. Then, we would have to reinstall the cylinder into the crane boom and do some quality checking before we can field test the equipment and put it for business rental again.” 

Without delays, assuming there is no concern with the availability of the replacement nuts and technicians that are capable of repairing threads for cases like this, the repair itself would take up to 2 days and would cost this company $5,600 for the repair and revenue lost! Can you imagine how much inconvenience this equipment rental company would have to bear if they do not have the right tool to fix the problem? We let them try Rotary Thread on this repair project because we know that our tool is versatile enough to be used even in those hard to reach areas. 

What happened when they used Rotary Thread?

They started by attaching our tool into a pneumatic die grinder. Then, they restored the damaged thread inside the crane without needing to remove the cylinder and  restored the nut with the same tool. They didn’t need a replacement nut and there was no downtime because their company technician was able to get the job done without the need to go to a 3rd party repair shop. The problem was fixed in less than 25 minutes and was ready to be rented out with no loss of revenue. Total cost to repair was $350 with Rotary Thread! Compare this with how they were supposed to originally fix the crane’s cylinder. What a huge difference right? 

Now that we have shared how our repair kit has been proven and tested to fix even complicated industrial applications. We can’t wait for you to try this tool too on your restoration and repair projects. You’ll be amazed how efficient this tool is.

thread repair tool

Get that broken thread fixed before everyone else knows where to start. Find out why professionals save time and money with this tool. Rotary Thread is the best tool for any thread repair tool and restoration project.

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