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RT2 – Rotary Thread File – Standard


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  • Rotary Thread File RT2; Chase, Restore, Repair, and Clean: Male, Female, Inch, Metric, and Pipe Threads
  • Quickly and easily restores inch, metric, pipe, male and female threads
  • Great for home projects, industrial, automotive, farm & ranch, and technicians
  • 3/4 inch dia. head x 2 inch length x 1/4 inch arbor. Fits in a Die Grinder or Standard Drill;
  • Great for field repairs and keeping in pocket for emergency restores
  • This patented and award winning tool fixes inside or outside threads no matter the size, length, pitch or diameter
  • For bulk orders, please contact us
  • Product Sheet Specification
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Restore any threaded item in your home or workshop in under a minute with the RT2 Rotary Thread file! The RT2 is one of Rotary Thread’s universal thread files that you can use to restore both external and internal threads.

The RT2 was designed by industry professionals for easy home use and heavy-duty industrial jobs. Whether you’re experienced or not, you can use the RT2 to restore threaded Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics with Inch, Metric, Pipe threads.

What is the RT2 Rotary Thread File Used For?

The RT2 Rotary Thread File is a universal thread repair tool designed by industry professionals to make it quick and easy for anyone, even beginners, to perform restoration and repair jobs at home or at work.

We have engineered this tool to be the only tool you’ll need for restoring threads in any kind of furniture, appliance, or heavy-duty machinery. It completely eliminated the need for traditional taps and dies that take hours to use.

You can use the RT2 Rotary Thread file for restoring loose Inch, Metric, Pipe, internal, and external threads because of its universal 60-degree “V” angle design.

The RT2 is the only tool you’ll need for quick threading restoration for your in-home projects, automotive, farm & ranch, and industrial jobs.

All you need is a die grinder, a vise, and a Rotary Thread file to start restoring your damaged threads.

Simply guide the RT2 Rotary Thread file along the old threads and work your way towards the damaged threads and you’ll instantly see getting clean and defined threads.

Fix Any Threaded Tool or Material!

Unlike other thread repair tools, the RT2 Rotary Thread is made with highly durable steel that can help you restore threads made out of Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics.

Another benefit that comes with its universal 60-degree “V” angle is that you no longer need to measure the pitch and diameter of the threads you plan to restore. This is why working with an RT2 Rotary Thread file only takes seconds in comparison to traditional taps and dies that can take you about an hour just to restore one threaded part.

With the RT2, you can fix damaged threads yourself and avoid spending on expensive repairs and replacement parts!

Quick Storage & Easy Maintenance

The RT2 Rotary Thread File is a low-maintenance tool that can last you years of daily use. It is made with high-quality steel and comes in a compact design that makes it easy to store away in your toolbox.

For best use and long life, we recommend you use tapping oil and add light pressure to the tool during use. We also suggest cleaning the tool with non-flammable paint thinner after restoring threads.

Available Replacement Parts

Whether you’re looking for a replacement part or an extra piece to keep on your toolbox, you can always rest easy knowing that all Rotary Thread tools are available online. We offer files, grooves, glands, mandrels, and collets by the piece on our website.

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Dimensions 7.63 × 3.69 × 1.25 in
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24 Reviews For This Product

  1. 24

    by bucyrus

    haven’t used the tool yet but it looks to be of good quality and able to do the job it is designed for

  2. 24

    by Jim Rooth

    Does a quick and efficient job.

  3. 24

    by Maria E. Shipman


  4. 24

    by Patrick

    This makes quick work of fixing bent threads using a rotary tool.

  5. 24

    by Daljit S.

    Works very well

  6. 24

    by Bullseye

    Worked great to restore threads I buggered up in a water filtration tank . 2 1/4 straight Pipe Thread… used dremel and a small cordless drill. Both worked well. Used Boeing drill Lube because completely non toxic.. get right RPM , start in good tread and keep moving around over damaged area in a smooth and even motion.. You can feel the damaged spots.. don’t try to sit in one spot to remove damage… keep trying fit so as not to remove to much material..

  7. 24

    by Gus Hillenbrand


  8. 24

    by jemmett

    We used the tool on an inside thread, that we did not have a tap for. Follow the instructions and you should not have a problem using this tool!

  9. 24

    by K. Swanson

    Loved this tool. I needed to fix the threads on an outdoor faucet and could find nothing except an expensive custom die or even more expensive universal thread restorer. It took less than five minutes from the time I started until I had the hose screwing on smoothly. Definitely stays in my toolbox!

  10. 24

    by Elizabeth Piper

    Perfect. Came in time and what we needed. Thank you

  11. 24

    by Kathie C

    I bought this to clean up the threads on a part where the threads were distorted by welding. This tool cleaned them up nicely in a matter of minutes.I also used it to clean up the rusty threads on our main drain clean-out fitting which was pretty messed up after nearly fifty years. Fifteen minutes later the threads on the drain and cap were cleaned up and the cap securely screwed on.I would suggest when working on heavily damaged threads that you stop occasionally to flush the rust or metal particles out of the threads. And no matter what, flush them out when you are done.

  12. 24

    by Kenny

    Bought this to give it a try and never got around to using it yet….. but I feel it’s a great product worth the money!

  13. 24

    by Andy

    I messed up a couple threads on a stainless steel prop shaft, this little tool saved me $1300.

  14. 24

    by OLarryR

    I removed the grab rails off my sailboat to remove layers of varnish and then apply teak oil before re-installing. The nature of these grab rails are that they have 7 stud bolts on each of the two rails and they firmly attach the rails to the top of the cabin – The studs pass thru drilled holes in the Fiberglas and then washer, lock washer and nut hold the rails firmly on top of the cabin. The bolt head end of the stud is not visible – It is inside the top of the rail and wood plugs contoured to the top of the rail hide the bolt heads. These studs should never have to be removed from inside the rail and to do is a chore since the plug would have to be drilled out and a new one installed and contouredmto the rail. Initially, when I removed the nuts from the studs inside the cabin, one of the nuts was had to unthread from the stud and the stud started to rotate within the rail. So, I had to use pliers to hold the stud tight and another set of pliers to unthread the nut. When it was time to re-install the nut, I could not thread it onto the stud. My pliers had ruined the lower threads.I was considering using a diamond cutoff wheel on my Drexel to remove the lower threads but that would leave few threads available to re-install the nut and besides The nut was had to unthread it initially, so I would still be face with that problem as well.I then discovered the EZThread 382 searching the web and Amazon for solutions either by buying a different type of fastener to clamp to the existing threads but then I came across this tool to repair existing threads.The 382 mini-grinder tool was easy to use. It just about 1-2 minutes of use, I was able to get the nut back on. But other threads made it hard to completely re-install the washers and nut, so I tweaked addl threads and kept testing how easy it was to completely install the nut. After only another few minutes of tweaking the threads, the nut washers and nut were able to be re-installed easily. Since I was now able to rethread the nut all the way up to the inside cabin top, the friction fit at the bolt head kept the stud from rotating within the rail and I was able to torque the nut fine. So, this tool not only repaired the initial threads to get the nut on but tweaking the rest of the threads enabled me to utilize the stud, get a tight fit, without having to replace the stud which would have been a much longer repair and would have required labor to replace and contour a new plug on the outside of the rail.This is a great tool ! I am telling all my friends about it !

  15. 24

    by Cody

    Worked great repairing threads

  16. 24

    by Michael D Willard

    Arrived on time and was the right tool I needed

  17. 24

    by BrdHntr

    This thing works well. I’m a machinist and everyone brings thier screwed up threads to me to repair. This has saved the day especially on internal threads many times.

  18. 24

    by DW

    Good for cleaning damaged threads!

  19. 24

    by sIR sHOE

    This thing is a must have. Saved me from having to buy a 300$ tap for an M27 thread on a pair of stainless long tube headers. Cleaned up the threads well and allowed me to install the correct fitting.

  20. 24

    by James

    I purchased this tool after watching a review of a similar product on YouTube. This one is very similar if not the exact product. Works great with a high rpm impact drill. Also it does take a little getting use to at first, my suggestion is lock down whatever your working on and use two hands to control the direction of the drill as well as the recoil of the spinning bit. Also go with the direction of the drill while using. LIFE SAVER!!!

  21. 24

    by Tain

    Have an old fire hydrant bad threads this works.

  22. 24

    by Amazon Customer

    This worked great bad thread on ring and pinon

  23. 24

    by jenifer barreto

    Works great

  24. 24

    by Amazon Customer

    Rethreading a pvc pipe & Plug.

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