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  • Rotary Thread File RT2; Chase, Restore, Repair, and Clean: Male, Female, Inch, Metric, and Pipe Threads
  • Quickly and easily restores inch, metric, pipe, male and female threads
  • Great for home projects, industrial, automotive, farm & ranch, and technicians
  • 3/4 inch dia. head x 4 inch length x 1/4 inch arbor. Fits in a Die Grinder or Standard Drill;
  • Great for field repairs and keeping in pocket for emergency restores
  • This patented and award winning tool fixes inside or outside threads no matter the size, length, pitch or diameter
  • For bulk orders, please contact us
  • Product Specification Sheet
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Universal Rotary Thread File

Rotary Thread Files fix inside or outside threads no matter the pitch or diameter*. Fixes UNC/UNF Threads, Metric, and Pipe. Metal, Hardened Metal, ceramic, and plastic.

Patented and Engineered in the USA. Developed by professionals in the industrial field. Tool is simple to use for home projects, but built for professional use. Thread repair doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. Get rid of the frustration of carry hundreds of other tool and kits around project to project.

Rotary Thread Files work on one pitch crest/root at a time. Doesn’t matter the size, length, pitch, internal, or external. It’s fast, efficient, simple, convenient.

For best performance and life, we recommend using a light cutting/tapping oil or the like. Applying Non-flammable paint thinner helps clean the tool during and after restore. Use light tool pressure when using the tool, don’t force the repair.

Product Operating Specs

  • Use in Die Grinder and Standard Drill
  • Always chuck tool up to the shank shoulder
  • Max RPM: 15,000
  • Product Size: 3/4 inch diameter x 2 inch long x 1/4 inch shank size.
  • Recommend: Safety Shield, Minimum PPE: Safety Glasses.

Highlights of Tool

  1. Quickly and Easily Restores Inch, Metric, Pipe, Male and Female Threads
  2. Engineered and Patented in the USA – US 10,183,372,B2 • Global Patents Pending
  3. Great for Home Projects, Industrial, Automotive, Farm and Ranch, and Technicians
  4. Reaches into hard to reach areas with minimal operation space required.
  5. Use on metals, hardened metals, ceramics, glass, plastics

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.63 × 3.69 × 1.25 in
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19 Reviews For This Product

  1. 19

    by Rotomech

    Used just yesterday after receiving it a couple weeks ago. Saved the threads on a unreplaceable track pad. Must have tool for your rethreading kit.

  2. 19

    by Maria E. Shipman


  3. 19

    by Patrick

    This makes quick work of fixing bent threads using a rotary tool.

  4. 19

    by ez-reader

    Just the thing for fine thread rejuvenation work but be patient, cautious, and not to get too aggressive. I needed to repair a fine set of threads on a wheel hub for an antique car and when the job was done the cap screwed on smoothly as when it was new. Thanks.

  5. 19

    by singularity71

    Works beautifully. I knew it would. It’s so simple. It’s 60°. I had a fitting that wouldn’t screw in to a valve. Instead of trying to figure out the thread size, ordering a tap to fix the thread and being down for a couple of days, I used this little thing. After grinding about 6 teeth deep for a couple of minutes, I tried the fitting again. Spun right in without effort. I was done in about three minutes. This little bit saved thousands of $$$. All it takes is a small rottary tool, a steady hand and half a brain.

  6. 19

    by Jake

    I’m a mechanic. Damaged threads are just part of the job sometimes. The case that brought me in contact with this tool was a spindle on the rear end of a Dana 80 truck axle. It would have required a $200 3″ threading die. I decided to try this tool. I took something that looked beyond repair and transformed it to the point where the large lock nut spun on by hand.It takes some skill. It’s not a toilet plunger. You need to have a steady hand and a good Dremel tool but the payoff is quite impressive. It’s a tool anyone who works on anything threaded should have. It saved my butt and a buttload of money as well.

  7. 19

    by Think7

    Although I was shocked by how small it is – it saved a damaged 3/4″ threaded rod I had already welded to a bracket. I used a Dremel and magnification and was able within a few minutes to get the nut to travel the full length of the rod. ONE LIMITATION is this works best where you can get the tool perpendicular to the threads being repaired. Even using a Dremel extension I had to work at a slight angle 6″ from the end of the rod which wasn’t a problem due to the large threads I was fixing but it could be an issue on finer threads.

  8. 19

    by Brenda Frankhouser

    Nice price and works well

  9. 19

    by Michael D Willard

    Arrived on time and was the right tool I needed

  10. 19

    by Kathy

    this file worked amazingly well on a decades old floor drain that was rusted.. I recommend it to anyone with any thread problems..

  11. 19


    It works really well! I just needed to practice a bit. Recommend buying both sizes. Do keep in in a safe place. My smaller one got a little bent. My own fault really.

  12. 19


    Got me out of a few binds. Get both sizes.

  13. 19

    by Rockofanarchy

    This little tool is the bomb. Used it to fix female thread that was crossed threaded in my RV’s water heater drain plug. Now it’s back to normal thanks to this bit. Highly recommend this to get yourself out of this kind of jam.

  14. 19

    by Malcolm A Staudinger

    Repaired very fine threads on an expensive engine part with ease. It was a size I would never have used again if I even wanted to spend the $150+ on a die in that size

  15. 19

    by Arthur D. Drennen

    Mangled the threads on a one inch axle removing some components with a hydraulic press. This file took some time, but allowed me to fix the threads to point.I can thread axle nuts on by hand.

  16. 19

    by Amazon Customer

    It worked! Saved me lots of money. Definitely worth a try.

  17. 19

    by df

    Saved me a lot of money and time. Works great.

  18. 19

    by Matt H

    This product saved me from having to buy a $200 part for my car’s emission system. Follow the directions, work slowly and you will get clean usable threads.

  19. 19

    by James

    Easier to use than chasing threads with a file to get rid of paint and nicks on threads

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