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  • Quickly and easily restores inch, metric, pipe, male and female threads
  • Great for home projects, industrial, automotive, farm & ranch, and technicians
  • 50mm dia. head x 8mm inside dia. (Uses RTM5 sold separately). Fits in a die grinder or standard drill.
  • Used for reaching further down threaded rods; larger circumference provides longer tool life
  • This patented and award winning tool fixes inside or outside threads no matter the size, length, pitch or diameter
  • For bulk orders, please contact us
  • Product Specification Sheet
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The RT5 Rotary Thread File is a universal thread repair tool designed for industry and home use for Inch, Metric, Pipe, Male, and Female thread restoration. It is the only tool that you can use to restore both internal and external threads in mere seconds!

The RT5 Rotary Thread file was designed by industry professionals to make it easier for beginners and professionals to efficiently restore threads made out of Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics with precision every single time.

What is an RT5 Rotary Thread File Used For?

Whether you’re planning on fixing damaged threads on a bicycle, home appliance, car part, or heavy machinery, the RT5 Rotary Thread File is the only tool you can use to precisely restore clean and defined threads to any threaded material whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

The RT5 Rotary Thread file can be used for restoring loose inner and outer threads because of its unique universal design.

Our industry professionals are aware of the different problems with traditional tap and die kits that require experience to master before they can be used to perform clean restoration jobs quickly.
This is why all Rotary Thread files were designed with our unique 60-degree “V” angle. This innovative design is what allows the RT5 to become the most efficient tool for thread restoration. You can use it to restore all kinds of threads including Inch, Metric, Pipe, and threads.

It is also very easy to use. Just attach it to your die grinder with the RTM5 (sold separately) start going through the old threads and make your way towards the damaged threads. You’ll instantly see the results in a few seconds!

Fix Any Threaded Tool or Material!

You can use the RT5 on threaded Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics because of its high-quality build.

The best thing about the RT5 is it lets you restore any kind of thread with confidence because of its universal 60-degree “V” angle design. It takes away the frustration of constantly measuring the pitch and diameter of the parts you want to restore.

It is because of this ergonomic design that the RT5 only takes a few seconds to perfectly restore damaged threads. Every time you guide it through the old and damaged threads, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the perfect pitch every single time.

Quick Storage & Easy Maintenance

All Rotary Thread products are made with high-quality durable steel that can last you years of use. The RT5 comes in a compact size and is very easy to store and maintain.
It can fit any toolbox or drawer without taking up too much space. You can also keep it clean after every use with a non-flammable paint thinner.
For best life and performance, we recommend you use tapping oil along with adding light pressure to the tool whenever you’re restoring threads.

Available Replacement Parts

You can get the RT5 along with other Rotary Thread products online. We offer files, grooves, glands, mandrels, and collets by the piece on our website.

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Travis C.

    Don’t mistake this for the B218, I was looking for the buttress thread version. I have not tried it out.I have used it now a couple times, it works, but I find it is more controlable at at drill speeds than die grinder speeds.

  2. 04

    by Patrick

    I used this to grind the threads on a bolt that was damaged on my fwd drive shaft. Attached this to my rotary tool that I also purchased from Amazon and this did the trick. Just make sure to use cutting oil and keep it lubed while in use.

  3. 04

    by Mark Uhlman

    Have couple of these they are good but last one came with no wheel. Need better packaging

  4. 04

    by Joseph G.

    Great tools. Turned a chore into a not so bad after all.

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