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  • Disc (requires RTM5) 50mm (2 inch) ⌀ x 4mm thick, ACME thread profile, fits RTM5
  • It restores ACME threads inside and outside. Large Wheel will reach down shafts and threaded rods
  • NOTICE! Requires Mandrel RTM5 (Sold Separately).
  • For bulk orders, please contact us
  • Product Specification Sheet
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Restore dent, dinged, or damaged ACME threads with the RT5A! Rotary Thread’s RT5A Rotary Thread File is the only thread restoration tool that can help you restore both internal and external ACME threads!

The RT5A was designed by industry professionals for Industrial and beginner needs! You can use it to quickly restore any kind of damaged ACME threads made out of Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics in just a matter of seconds.

What is the RT5A Rotary Thread File Used For?

Damaged ACME threads can be quite frustrating to restore, especially when you’re working with traditional thread restoration tools that take hours to use. This is why the people behind Rotary Thread designed the RT5A, to make restoring damaged ACME threads easier and faster!

The Rotary Thread RT5A file is the only tool you can use for restoring damaged inner and outer ACME threads.

You don’t even have to have much experience to perfectly restore damaged threads with this tool in your hands! The RT5A comes with a user-friendly design that lets both professionals and beginners instantly restore damaged ACME threads.

All you’ll need is an RTM5 mandrel (sold separately), a RTC1 reducer collet, and a die grinder or a standard drill to start restoring dented or dinged ACME threads on your own.
Simply attach the tool to your die grinder or drill and then start guiding the tool by running it over old threads and make your way towards the damaged threads to see instant results.

Fix Any Threaded Tool or Material!

The RT5A Rotary File Thread can help you quickly restore ACME threads made out of materials including Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics.

Its one-of-a-kind universal design makes it the best tool for completing multiple thread restoration jobs faster without sacrificing accuracy and precision.

The tool’s 50mm diameter by 4mm thick ACME head profile makes it the ideal tool for restoring damaged ACME threads in rods and shafts. The compact design of this tool also makes it ultimately easy to reach damaged threads in deeper areas in rods and shafts.

Quick Storage & Easy Maintenance

The RT5A is made with heavy duty steel that can last years of daily use when maintained properly.

For best performance and life, use light pressure on the tool when restoring damaged threads. Also add tapping oil for added lubrication when using the tool.

We also recommend cleaning the tool after every use with non-flammable paint thinner to get rid of unwanted debris.

Available Replacement Parts

All Rotary Thread tools including files, grooves, glands, mandrels, and collets can be bought by the piece on our website.

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