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RTK1 Thread Starter Kit


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  • Rotary Thread File RT1; Chase, Restore, Repair, and Clean: Male, Female, Inch, Metric, and Pipe Threads
  • Quickly and easily restores inch, metric, pipe, male and female threads
  • Great for home projects, industrial, automotive, farm & ranch, and technicians
  • 3/4 inch dia. head x 2 inch length x 1/4 inch arbor. Fits in a Die Grinder or Standard Drill;
  • Great for field repairs and keeping in pocket for emergency restores
  • This patented and award winning tool fixes inside or outside threads no matter the size, length, pitch or diameter
  • For bulk orders, please contact us
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Quickly and easily fix inch, metric, & pipe:
Inside & Outside, Rolled, Crossed, Dinged, Dented, Painted, Corroded, & Hardened Threads.​

Restore any threaded tool and make it as good as new within 30-seconds and save hundreds of dollars on expensive replacement parts with the 3-pc Rotary Thread Starter Kit!

The RTK 1.1 Thread Starter Kit comes with a pair of universal thread files ideal for restoring Inch, Metric, Pipe, Male, and Female Threads made out of Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics.

What’s in the Standard Rotary Thread Kit?

2 Rotary Thread Files
1 Collet
1 Padded Case

What is the Rotary Thread Starter Kit Used For?

Want to get a piece of furniture, home appliance, or machine part with loose threads fixed but don’t want to shed hundreds of dollars on repairs or replacement parts? Fix any threaded tool that needs to be restored and avoid further damage to your parts as well as hazardous accidents with the Rotary Thread Starter kit!

The RTK1.1 Thread Starter Kit can be used for cutting or forming screw threads. You can use a Rotary Thread for restoring loose threads in nuts or female mating pairs and bolts or male mating pairs.
This is the ultimate starter kit for anyone who wants to do a quick DIY fix at home. The Rotary Thread Starter kit was designed by industry professionals to make it simple for anyone to restore threads for home projects, farm & ranch, automotive, and industrial jobs.

You don’t need to be a professional to restore dinged threads with the Rotary Thread Starter Kit!

All you have to do is attach the thread file to your die grinder, secure the part you want to restore with a bench vise, and start restoring along the old threads to get new clean threads in just under a minute.

Fix Any Threaded Tool or Material!

The Rotary Thread Starter Kit comes with a pair of files and a collet that can help you quickly cut through all sorts of materials including Metals, Hardened Metals, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastics.

Beginners will find it super easy to use because of the 60-degree “V” angle that the thread files come in. The universal design of the thread files eliminates the need to measure the pitch and diameter of the parts you want to restore. The tool does all the work and all you have to do is guide it along the threads!

Complete Accessories for Flexible Use!

The Rotary Thread Starter Kit comes with all the necessary thread restoration tools you’ll need to fix any threaded part in your home or shop.

The kit comes with multiple universal thread file and a collet to make it easier for you to get the right threading tool every time.

You can make the tool compatible with ⅛ and ¼ inch shanks with the reducer collet. You can even get additional accessories like mandrels, glands, and grooves for added flexibility.

Quick Storage & Easy Maintenance

The Rotary Thread kit is developed with high-quality durable materials that will last you years of regular use. You can even add more years to your tool’s life by using tapping oil to reduce the pressure on the tool when you’re cutting through threads.

The Rotary Thread Starter Kit makes it easy to keep all your tools in one place! It comes with a padded case that will help keep all the files and the collet safe and secure.
The entire kit is also lightweight and portable, it can fit in your pocket! making it great to use at home for DIY projects, plumbing issues, and home appliances or to bring at work for automotive or industrial machinery.

Tip: For best performance and long-lasting life, we recommend you use a non-flammable paint thinner to clean the tool after every use.

Available Replacement Parts

Seem to have lost a part in your kit? Don’t worry! All pieces in the kit can be bought separately We offer files, grooves, glands, mandrels, and collets by the piece on our website.

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Dimensions 2.69 × 1 × 2.69 in
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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 12

    by Chuck

    Great value for the money

  2. 12

    by Amazon Customer

    Item as described! Case could be a bit better!

  3. 12

    by Amazon Customer

    Great product. Had actually saved a few wheel studs for me

  4. 12

    by James

    tool bent when I applied a little of pressure

  5. 12

    by Joseph B.

    Tool requires skilled user input

  6. 12

    by Ronnie

    Nice and convenient, just know what you’re doing before use…

  7. 12

    by pericles

    I run across damaged bolts quiet often and this tool has made it do I dont have to find new bolts just cause the threads are damaged. Its easy to use and its great that it comes with a adaptor piece the smaller bit.

  8. 12

    by Jack M.

    A little challenging to hold the unit steady to file the area needed, and thread size needs to be fairly large.

  9. 12

    by Tyronne

    I wish I knew about this product before I purchased a new axel for my SUV. The threaded end became damaged when we tried removing the axel from the hub. The mechanic used a metal hammer instead of a rubber mallet. We tried in vain to rethread the axle to accept the nut. In haste, another axel was purchased. After seeing this product, we purchased it, and was able to fix the threads in less than five minutes. Would have saved us a couple of hundred dollars.

  10. 12

    by Kaitlyn

    Saves me 5k. I cleaned up thread on spindle of semitruck axle thread. It was like 30% missing this thing cut right through. Was able to change bearings and seal nuts went on amazingly.

  11. 12

    by Amazon Customer

    Great product. Had actually saved a few wheel studs for me

  12. 12

    by Joseph B.

    Tool requires skilled user input

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Restore any damaged thread!
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