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Rotary Thread Black Friday and Cyber Monday Super Sale

Rotary Thread Black Friday and Cyber Monday Super Sale

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Sales and discounts always make holiday shopping just a little bit better. Here at Rotary Thread, we’re not waiting until Black Friday to give you supermassive sales and discounts on our award-winning, American-engineered thread repair solutions. 

If you’re shopping for someone who appreciates premium-quality, professional-grade tools, then our Rotary Thread repair and restoration kits would make for the perfect holiday gift. 

What is Rotary Thread? 

Rotary Thread is a rotary tool attachment that brings new life to old, worn, and damaged threads. Rotary Thread tools and repair kits are versatile thread restoration solutions, which are excellent additions to any toolbox. 

There’s no shortage of thread repair tools on the market. The most common ones include— 

Then there’s Rotary Thread. 

It’s obvious that you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to thread repair and restoration tools—so much so that choosing the right tool for the job can be quite confusing.  

Which tool makes the most practical sense?  

Which tool best fits the job?  

Which tool gets you the best results?  

Spoiler alert—it’s Rotary Thread. 

What Sets Rotary Thread Apart? 

If you’re a professional mechanic or technician, a home improvement buff, or a DIY enthusiast, you know just how commonplace threads actually are. Threads are ubiquitous—they are everywhere. And yet they’re not all the same.  

Threads vary by quite a bit. You have internal and external threads, along with the most common inch, metric, pipe, ACME, square, and buttress types of threads.  

Fixing any single thread using traditional thread repair tools would require you to carefully match the right tools to the exact measurements of the thread you’re working on. This is true for thread files, taps and dies, and threaded inserts, among others.  

But NOT for Rotary Thread

A genuine gamechanger in thread repair, Rotary Thread is the one and arguably the only thread repair and restoration solution on the market that works on both internal and external threads, as well as on ALL of the most common inch, metric, pipe, ACME, square, and buttress types of threads. 

Rotary Thread’s 60-Degree V-Angle Technology  

Rotary Thread V-technology
Rotary Thread V-technology

All threads share the same 60-degree V-angle in their fundamental design—so does Rotary Thread. Rotary Thread’s proprietary 60-Degree V-Angle Technology is what ultimately makes it capable of undertaking any thread repair and restoration project.  

The particular thread measurement, otherwise referred to as thread pitch, is of little-to-no consequence, as Rotary Thread travels across and creates new threads off the original 60-degree V-shaped profile of worn and damaged threads. 

Rotary Thread Repair and Restoration Kits 

What thread files, taps and dies, and threaded inserts do in an hour—Rotary Thread does better in minutes!  

You don’t have to take our word for it—purchase any of our Rotary Thread repair kits today, so you can try it for yourself, and TAKE UP TO 25% OFF. 

RTK2.1 Master Kit 

RTK2.1 Master Kit 

15-piece master thread repair and restoration kit, includes: 

  • 8 discs 
  • 3 Rotary Thread files 
  • 3 mandrels 
  • 1 collet 
  • 1 padded case 

The RTK 2.1 is Rotary Thread’s top-tier thread repair tool kit that boasts an impressive array of files and discs, as well as mandrels and a collet. The RTK2.1 can take on any thread repair work—from easy home improvement DIYs, to professional machine shop projects, to more demanding industrial applications. 

RTK3.1 Standard Kit 

RTK3.1 Standard Kit 

8-piece standard thread repair and restoration kit, includes: 

  • 3 Rotary Thread files 
  • 2 discs 
  • 2 mandrels 
  • 1 collet 
  • 1 padded case 

The RTK 3.1 is Rotary Thread’s standard thread repair tool kit that comes with a more robust selection of files, discs, mandrels, and a collet. The RTK3.1 is more than capable of taking on any thread repair project in your home or machine shop. 

RTK1 Thread Starter Kit 

RTK1 Thread Starter Kit 

3-piece starter thread repair and restoration kit, includes: 

  • 2 Rotary Thread files 
  • 1 collet 
  • 1 Padded Case 

The RTK1 is a nifty little starter kit for quick and simple DIY applications. Designed by industry professionals, the RTK1 makes light work of basic thread repair projects for most home, farm and ranch, and even automotive applications. 

You can find more Rotary Thread repair tool kits and even bigger discounts when you visit our store. 


Designed to be self-adjusting and self-aligning, Rotary Thread can restore the original 60-degree profile of any thread on practically every kind of nut and bolt out there. 

Compared to thread files, taps and dies, threaded inserts, and other more traditional tools, Rotary Thread is the only thread repair instrument versatile enough to repair both internal and external threads, on ALL of the most common inch, metric, pipe, ACME, square, and buttress types of threads. 

Also, unlike traditional thread repair tools that require you to have some degree of familiarity and proficiency in using them, you can use easily and rather intuitively use Rotary Thread, with minimal effort and experience. With Rotary Thread, you don’t have to be a professional to get professionally repaired threads. 

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