Quickly and easily fix inch, metric, & pipe

Our heart is to help people from different industries to save their time and money in all of their repair and restoration projects.

Our solutions come from 60+ years of family-owned machine shop and repair business. The design of our tool is simple, so simple that it will make you wonder how it works.

Simple to Use

  1. Use light pressure
  2. Start in a good thread
  3. Move to damaged thread
  4. Repeat as needed

The “V” angle is the same “V” for outside threads as it is on the inside threads. One goes around a shaft (outside), the other around a hole (inside). Rotary thread restoration uses a singlepoint to restore the thread. The tool’s designed to restore the continuous “V” and help you finish a project without a fuss.

One tool for different projects

No tool in the thread industry delivers a satisfying repair as this tool. It’s not easy to develop something so easy and so truly effective at what it does. We filed patents and began the journey. We made modifications and improved the design so you can restore any threads for any project in the most efficient way. Rotary Thread can be used for every aspect of work. Whether for DIY projects, automotive restoration, home improvement, technical projects, industrial projects, and even farm and ranch projects too!


The Rotary Thread Family

The Rotary Thread family is made up of experienced people and we put our knowledge into the tool that’s forever changed the industry. We’re more than happy to assist you with your repair and restoration projects. You can email or chat with us any time if you have any questions,

RTK 2.1 Master Kit

RTK 3.1 Standard Kit

RTK 1.2 Gland Restore Kit

RTK 1.1 Thread Starter Kit



TapDieManual Thread FileThread Plow Outside Thread ToolThread Plow Inside Thread ToolRT Industrial Master Kit
Thread & Profile Types
Square Threads
Snap-Ring Groove
Glands & Ports
Operational Features
Male (outside)
Female (inside)
Number of Pitches it can restore/tool1184 to 28 TPI (within range) dependant on model4 to 28 TPI (within range) dependant on modelNo Limit
Made to Restore Threads
Relative Time for Typical Repair5-10 min.5-10 min12 min - several hours8 min - 30 min8 min - 30 min1 min
Power TransmissionManualManualManualManualManualPower Tool Driven
Effort Required for RepairEasy - HardEasy - HardHardEasy - MediumEasy - MediumEasy
Inside Dia. Range Thread1/16" - 3" approx---5/16" - 4 1/4" 7/16" - No Limit
Outside Dia. Range Thread-1/4" - 3 approxNo Limit5/32" - 6"- No Limit
Recommended SpeedHands SpeedHands SpeedHands SpeedHands SpeedHands Speed200 to 12k RPM (recommended)
Can restore a threaded shaft with keyway
Threaded Lock Collars
Doesn't require a separate tool per size
Risk Involved
Broken OffYESYES
CrossingYESYESYESYESIf held in one spot

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