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Sam’s Club Grill: A Thread Repair Success Story

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A fantastic damaged thread repair scenario occurred this week. A customer named Dave took home this Sam’s Club grill, fresh off of a Black Friday Sale that he got a sweet deal from.

Thread Repair Success Story
Sam’s Club Grill

As soon as he started to open the box, panic set in. He realized that the packaging was damaged. The box looks like it got a serious beating at the warehouse. Dave wished he saw this sooner, but it was too late now and all he could do is hope that nothing was damaged on the inside. We all know what comes next. As soon as he pulled everything from the box, he discovered that the threads on the burn plate had weld slag on it. Not only that, some of the threads were completely flattened and mangled. This prevented the wing nut from going on, which meant that his brand spankin’ new Black Friday deeply discounted grill could not be assembled. What a sweet deal alright! Frustrated, he could only think of the next best course of action.

“I can’t assemble this freaking thing. Now I gotta go back to Sam’s Club and get this sorted!” 

Thread Repair Success Story

Then Dave remembered, “Wait a minute, how about I try to fix it with Rotary Thread?” He took out his RTK1.1 Thread Starter Kit and attached it on his Dremel for full control of the restoration. He applied lubricant on the bolt and, using light tool pressure, started chasing the weld spattered thread back into shape.

Thread Repair
Thread Repair

Taking the product back would have been a major inconvenience. To add insult to injury, the packaging was badly damaged and it was difficult to get the entire grill back inside without further damaging the packaging. Rotary Thread stepped in, removed the weld slag and repaired the threads back to working order in seconds. 

“Good as new. Wait, this IS a new grill! Thanks Rotary Thread!”

Thread Repair

Rotary Thread saved this customer from so much headache, gas, and time that he decided to contact our office and let us know.

“The last thing I wanted to do was to drive back over to Sam’s and get this grill replaced. Here I am so excited about using this grill and as soon as I get home, I see that it’s all messed up. I really thought I’d have to drive back over there and deal with the entire process of either getting a refund or having it replaced. It’s so inconvenient, not to mention that it’s Black Friday, the place is absolutely packed right now. The tool really got me out of a bind. I was grilling and having a lovely BBQ with the family in no time!”

Thread Repair kit
RTK 1.1 Thread Starter Kit

Rotary Thread fixed issues commonly seen with cheaply made parts in production lines. It has a perfect 60 degree pitch that repairs and restores all inch, metric, and pipe threads in seconds. It’s innovative design gives DIYers and professionals alike a quick, economical solution for repairing damaged threaded holes, eliminating the need to replace or fully restore parts. A truly universal thread restoration tool, it’s patented and engineered in the US to work on any repair project you can imagine. It’s the only tool that works on male, female, plastic, ceramic, metal, and hardened metal threads. Lightweight and easy to use, it’s perfect for field repairs, DIY, industrial, farm, ranch, automotive projects and more. 

Whether you’re aiming to repair just a single thread in a hole, or you’re attempting to restore hundreds of threads back to optimal strength and functionality, Rotary Thread can get the job done. It saves you time, money, and effort. With its unique ability to address diverse male and female thread types, it’s sure to be an indispensable tool that every engineer, fabricator, and machinist will want for their shop. With Rotary Thread, you’ll spend less time doing thread repair and more time focusing on the more profitable aspects of your business. It’s a valuable new tool that virtually every technician should have in their toolkit. By improving quality, accuracy, and efficiency, you can do more jobs per day with less work in each one! And that’s why Rotary Thread is so revolutionary compared to traditional thread repair products. Plus, it costs considerably less than replacing most of the parts it repairs! A tool this versatile would be practically priceless in the right hands. 

It also has tremendous potential for manufacturers who use threads in their components and products. It is a simple, effective and revolutionary way to remove minor weld spatter and imperfections from thread surfaces. But more importantly, Rotary Thread provides companies with an alternative for customers who demand cleanliness in their products. This is what industries need using Rotary Thread to meet the demands of their customers.

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