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Why use RotaryThread than thread files?

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“What about thread files? Don’t they work too?” Feel free to continue using your thread files if they work for you. As a 3rd generation family business, our roots are in machining, repair, and manufacturing. We started in the 1960s and grew into engineering, machine design, plastics, products development, and distribution.

We have every type of thread repair tool you can think of in our shops, including Thread Files, and none of them were 100% effective nor versatile and easy to use. Thread Files are “Pitch Dependent.” You must find a matching thread pitch on the file itself to match the thread.

You need to have the right file for the right thread, otherwise you ruin the thread completely. Once found, you rake the file back and forth over the damaged threads. A brutal and laborious process, this often bounces out of track and rummages the tops of other threads making matters worse. Lest we forget, files are only good for outside threads. You need a different tool to repair and restore inside threads.

Rotary Thread simply does the job faster and better than any thread file. One tool repairs both inside and outside threads, on any thread, in seconds. Our patented design was the next step in progressing the thread file, thus the name Rotary Thread file. We certainly wouldn’t have wasted our time, money, or effort on manufacturing Rotary Thread tools if they weren’t better than what we already used. These were made out of necessity and we think you are going to LOVE this better and faster method of thread restoration.

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