Rotary Thread® Files are the world's easiest, fastest, and most versatile thread restore tool ever.​

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Be amazed as you easily fix your first damaged threads in seconds. No more damaged thread headaches. One tool fixes hundreds of thread types fast. Easy enough for the home project novice, yet effective enough for the veteran professional.


How it's Done.

Start in the good thread (green) and walk into the damage (red) with very light tool pressure.
Clean. Lube. Restore. Repeat.

Simply Fast

The Tool Does all the Work.

The "Do-All" Thread Tool

We tackle thread restoring one thread at a time. Because we work off a single point, pitch doesn’t matter.
Take a look.

Industry Leading

Get the job done faster than any other method in the industry. Touch and go on most problem spots.

Works great!

I bought this to clean up the threads on a part where the threads were distorted by welding. This tool cleaned them up nicely in a matter of minutes. I also used it to clean up the rusty threads on our main drain clean-out fitting

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Inside or Outside
Nuts or Bolts

No other product on the market can repair both threads with the same tool.

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