About Us


It’s the key to progress, and the driving force behind success.

Our Story

We take pride in creating user-friendly tools for restoration and repair, drawing on over 60 years of experience in our family-owned machine shop and repair business.

Third-Gen American Family Business

Started machining in 1960s, grew into engineering, design, distribution.

Award Winning Innovation

It’s innovative universal design has won it prestigious industry awards.

Universal Designed Thread Repair Tools

Designed by industry professionals to make it quick and easy for anyone.

Widely Distributed

We secured partnerships online and with major retail stores and outlets across the US. Click here to learn more!

Free shipping

Enjoy free shipping for your orders over $100.

Hassle free returns

We have a no-hassle return policy for all orders.

Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle

Save more when you buy our bundles!